Lion's Run
Lion's Run 30 Second Workout is based upon the modern theory that a workout consisting of a short series of 30 second high intensity bursts with 2 minute rests is at least as effective as 30 minute or longer workouts. Basically your bursts are like running from a lion. You give it your all but for only 30 seconds. So Lion's Run is an iPhone / iPod touch app that will monitor your movements (Pushups, Situps, Pullups, Dips, and Rowing) and record your workout's progress; charting your progress over time.

This Lion's Run app is very very simple to use. You can be doing your first workout in less than 5 seconds. A custom workout might take you a whole 10 seconds to get going. Literally, to start your first workout hit Start once, and then when you are ready to go hit the Start again. That's it! Do the workout as the voice says and you don't need to do another thing until the workout is complete; which might be a handful of minutes later. Then go get some chocolate milk and relax.